Installation of Transcriber 1.5.0

Installation from sources

Binary installation

Linux installation from sources

Transcriber relies on several softwares or libraries that you need to install first : Tcl/Tk, Snack, tcLex and optionally NIST/Sphere. The complete procedure is explained in the following steps:

    or one of its mirrors and unpack them:

      $ tar zxvf tcl-source.tar.gz

    Choose an installation directory (e.g. /usr/local ) and follow instructions found in tcl/README tk/README ( configure with --enable-shared option ). For Tcl under Unix, it will be something like:

      $ cd tcl/unix
      $./configure --enable-gcc --enable-shared --prefix=/usr/local
      $ make install

    Do the same for Tk. If you choose to install into a different directory, make sure to set the environnement variables of your system (e.g., PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH) to the right values.

    Unpack it in a sibling directory of this distribution

      $ zcat sphere_2.6a.tar.Z | tar xf -

    Then install it:

      $ cd nist; sh src/scripts/

    You will be asked the target platform. For Linux, choose 10 (i.e. custom) and change following values (the other ones should be OK):

      • What is/are the Compiler Flags: -O -Wall -fPIC
      • What is/are the Architecture: INTEL

    NB - For Linux Distributions older than Redhat 5.x and Debian 2.x, you need to comment the following line extern char *sys_errlist inside the file nist/src/lib/sp/exit.c : (thanks to Dafydd Gibbon for this information). For the courageous ones, a patch is given in the Transcriber source distribution in src/patch-sphere for a dynamic compilation of Sphere libs under Linux.

      $ tar zxvf snack2.2.10.tar.gz

    Then follow the instructions in README and install Snack, e.g. with:

      $ cd snack/unix
      $ ./configure --prefix=/usr/local
      $ make
      $ make install


      • If './configure' fails, you have probably Tcl/Tk installed in a non standard directory; give it with --with-tcl and --with-tk options.
      • to use with Tcl/Tk version 8.0, add the option --disable-stubs
      • Be sure to get the latest release
      • In order to use Sphere format, use configure with --with-nist=...
      • Test Snack demos!

    Extract it:

      $ tar zxvf tcLex1.2a1.tar.gz

    Then follow the instructions in README.txt and install tcLex, e.g. with:

      $ cd tcLex1.2a1/src
      $ chmod a+x configure install-sh
      $ ./configure --prefix=/usr/local
      $ make
      $ make install

    NB - You need to have the complete sources of Tcl for building this extension, since it relies on specific header files not installed by standard Tcl installation.

      $ trans

    You will be asked to open a sound signal or a transcription; some are found in the demo sub-directory

Windows installation from sources

The installation in a Windows environment looks like the Linux one because it also uses the tools configure and make. It consists in:

Hereunder, the different steps are detailed:

      • cd c:\TransSource\src

      • Launch the compilation/installation precising Tcl and Tk library paths and Transcriber installation directory:

      ./configure --with-tcl=/mingw/lib --with-tk=/mingw/lib/ --prefix=c:\TransBin

      • make

      • make install

      source c:\TransBin\lib\Transcriber1.5\tcl\Main.tcl

    Note, that if you prefer to use Active Tcl (, in that case you don't have to install Snack because it is included in it. And if you want to launch Transcriber, you just have to launch Wish and then type:

      source c:\TransBin\lib\Transcriber1.4\tcl\Main.tcl

      The Tclkit solution is preferred to Active Tcl because it enables to create a single setup package for Transcriber which includes: the Transcriber binary and script files, the Snack library, the TcLex library, Tcl and Tk. And nothing else is needed to run Transcriber.

Mac OS installation from sources

The installation procedure described here, just concerns the Mac OS X 10.3 version, usually called « Panther ».

      • paths and compilation flags of Makefile should be modified, depending on your configuration (the one that has been used to create the binary version is present in the last Mac OS version of Transcriber on SourceForge in the file src/Makefile-MacOSX)

      • then make

Linux binary installation

Windows binary installation

Mac OS binary installation

Installation guide for Mac OS X 10.3: