Be a developper

Working with CVS

Get last Transcriber version

Transcriber project is put under CVS control on SourceForge Web site. The following procedure is for Linux but it should quite similar for other OS:

    setenv CVS_RSH ssh

    setenv CVSROOT

    cvs co -P transcriber

Get rid of password request

    ssh-keygen -t dsa -y


Send modified file to repository

    cvs commit -m "my file modification" hello.c

Source code annotation

The source code of Transcriber must be annotated in order to make the code as clear as possible for any developer. Firstly, all procedures must contain the following annotation pattern just after the procedure declaration:

    # JOB: Job of the procedure
    # IN: Procedure arguments and their description
    # OUT: Value returned by the procedure and its meaning
    # MODIFY: Global variables modified by the procedure
    # AUTHOR: Author name
    # VERSION: Version number of the procedure
    # DATE: Date of creation or last modification of the procedure


    proc ComputeSum {a b} {
    # JOB: Compute a + b
    # IN: a, first operand
    # b, second operand
    # OUT: result of a + b
    # MODIFY: Nothing
    # Mathieu MANTA
    # Version: 1.0
    # February 25, 2004
      set x [ expr{a + b} ]
      return x

Secondly, any variable, procedure or package should be named explicitly in order to make its use clear, exept for obvious cases. Thirdly, a set of lines whose goal is not so clear, must be commented.


Download the website source code

    scp -r transweb/